Aubry’s 1st Flight

We will commemorate BLACK History month with the book release at 11 a.m. until 12 p.m. (noon) for HAPPY HOUR, February 3, 2018 online at The link will be found here 15 minutes before party launch.


Jahna wrote a book, relaying play by play, about the special day that she surprised her big sister at the airport. Jahna has renamed her characters for added fun and decorated her story with a few other “extras”. Denam represents her and Aubry is her big sister Anya Kearns. It’s amazing to hear the thoughts of children as they grow through their days while watching adults and forming their own opinions of adult behaviors. You never know what’s next as little Denam open her eyes to the real reason why she and her mom are heading to the airport.  Get ready for a plum, pleasing “good time”.