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Jahna Monet Richards was born and raised, in Atlanta, Georgia.  Every day since 2003, Jahna has awakened with joy beaming through her spirit. She has always been complimented by teachers and adults for her great disposition and mannerism. Being an Honors student, she entered high school as a 9th grader taking 11th grade courses. Jahna is an avid lover of dance, gymnastics & cheer and color-guards and has competed for many years.  Jahna also has a great interest in science. She’s won several awards in Science Fairs at school and many medals in competitive gymnastics.  The competitions were never motivators, however, the camaraderie that she created amongst her friends gave her purpose.

In 2017, Jahna’s creative energy gave her the idea to write a book about her big sister, Anya. Who at 17, flew her first plane.  Jahna was so inspired by her sister’s will and determination and felt that the same things that she was using to inspire herself could be used to inspire others.  Jahna felt certain that other teens in her community and beyond who have overcome similar obstacles and more could use something to encourage them to achieve their dreams and goals.  Hence, Aubry’s 1st Flight began.  The start of this exciting journey for Jahna; who has travailed with the familiar deposits of love from both parents and the multi-tasking of a single mom, to stay focused on her goal to wake up and embrace every day with joy and be the cohesive spirit for self and others. That inviting look in her eyes says “comfort” and that smile says “c’mon, you can do it too”!

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